Stainless Steel BBQ: Why Stainless Steel Is An Excellent Choice



Stainless steel BBQ’s are one of the most popular models available, but do you know why? Before you buy a stainless steel BBQ, learn just what it is that makes stainless steel such a great material for grills.

A Stainless Steel BBQ Cleans Up Easily

Spills happen — no matter how carefully you cook with your stainless steel BBQ grill. Whether you drop a BBQ sauce laden chicken breast (and made the family dog’s day!) or you had a mishap when brushing on your favourite marinade, you don’t have to worry when you’re using a stainless steel BBQ.

Stainless steel is durable and scratch resistant, which means you can scrub stuck on food bits without damaging the surface. It can be cleaned with a simple damp rag or you can use a gentle cleanser on the surface.

A Stainless Steel BBQ Is Germ And Heat Resistant

Another benefit of a stainless steel BBQ is that its non-porous surface actually resists germs and bacteria. When you’re cooking your dinner inside a stainless steel BBQ, you’ll definitely appreciate this point!

Your stainless steel BBQ is designed to withstand high temperatures — as long as it’s the right type of stainless steel. Look for a stainless steel BBQ made with 304 gauge steel — another type called 430 stainless steel is a lesser quality steel and could discolour under high heat.

A Stainless Steel BBQ Will Last For Years

Stainless steel is built to last, which means your stainless steel BBQ could last years, especially if it’s taken care of properly between uses. To properly care for it, wait until the BBQ has cooled down and then wipe it down with a gentle cleaner, a damp rag or even a special wipe designed for stainless steel. Once it’s been thoroughly cleaned, cover it with a special BBQ cover. These covers can keep dirt, grit and other debris from sticking to your grill. Make sure to find one that fits your exact model so that it fits correctly. Too small and the cover could tear when you try to put it on and too big it will slide right off with the slightest gust of wind.

Understanding what makes a stainless steel BBQ a great choice is easy — it’s durable, heat and germ resistant and easy to clean. When you’re looking for a great BBQ, turn to the large selection of stainless steel grills from Napoleon Grills for a grill that can last your family years.