Infrared; the next evolution in grilling.



5 Reasons to purchase the latest evolution: infrared grills

Napoleon Appliance Corporation, Barrie, ON

When fire was discovered and harnessed, it opened up the possibility to cook and prepare meat. Since that time we have been striving to improve taste and perfect the grilling experience. Enter the Napoleon® Infrared Series, the next evolution in grilling technology.

  1. By combining our superior cooking system with ceramic infrared technology, Napoleon® has taken your grilling experience to the next level.
  2. The intense heat of the infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ locks in valuable juices quickly, treating you to a savory taste experience.
  3. The ceramic infrared burner reaches 1800ºF in 25 seconds, serving meals quick and easy every time
  4. Combination of infrared burners and tube burners allow for optional cooking methods
  5. Available in two sizes (450 & 600) and two colours (stainless steel or bronze mist)