Indoor Vs Outdoor BBQ



If you’re a BBQ aficionado, you know that the flavour from an outdoor BBQ can’t be beat. Although an indoor grill pan can do (if you’re in a pinch) you just can’t compare it to an outdoor BBQ. Learn how to enhance the flavours in an outdoor BBQ.

Enhancing Flavours With An Outdoor BBQ

Some of the best flavours from an outdoor BBQ come from the smoke itself. If you’re using a charcoal grill, the smoke from the charcoal will infuse itself into the foods. However, if you prefer a gas outdoor BBQ, you can get that same smoke flavour by using a smoker tube. Simply load the tube with wood chips that have soaked in water for at least half an hour and your foods will be infused with a great smoke flavour.

Different wood chips can also change the flavour of your foods. For instance, did you know that wood chips are available in mesquite, maple, hickory, cherry and apple woods? Each one offers a unique, subtle flavour, which means you can tailor your flavours to your own palette.

The flavours of fish can also be enhanced with an outdoor BBQ and cedar or maple grilling planks, but they’re not just used for flavour. A grilling plank will help delicate foods like fish hold together more easily, which is something every home BBQer will appreciate.

Lastly, when you’re using an outdoor BBQ, you can grill whole chickens or large pieces of beef or pork with a rotisserie set. Imagine watching your dinner spin as it cooks evenly and the juices flow throughout, basting your meat constantly. Try doing that inside!

Getting The Same Flavour With An Indoor BBQ Grill Pan

Although many people try to replicate the flavours with an indoor BBQ grill pan, the truth is that it can be difficult. Liquid smoke (found in your grocery store’s spice section) can help, but there’s no substitution for true, authentic outdoor BBQ flavours. Additionally, inside you won’t be able to subtly change your flavours with the smoke from different types of wood chips or cedar planks.

Instead, consider making BBQing a year round activity. Your family — and your taste buds — will thank you!