Big, Bigger, Biggest: How To Choose The Right Size BBQ Grill



When you’re getting ready to find a BBQ grill, size matters and if anyone tries to tell you differently, they’re lying! Before you go shopping, take a critical look at how you’re planning on using your grill to ensure that you’re getting the ideal size for your needs. This article details how to choose the right sized BBQ for your needs.

BBQ Grill For One?

When I first started grilling for myself, I lived alone in a small apartment. My apartment meant that there wasn’t room for a large grills so a small, portable BBQ grill was a perfect choice. Many apartment complexes don’t allow residents to use large gas powered or charcoal grills on apartment balconies because they can be a fire hazard with so many people living in close proximity. However, there usually isn’t a rule against a portable BBQ grill. These grills can be moved to a flat, outdoor surface (away from a balcony!) and then put back into place after they’re used. Portable grills offer cooking spaces that range from 165 square inches up to about 300 square inches.

Grilling For Your Family?

After I got married and my wife and I started a family, we needed something a little bigger than a portable BBQ grill. There are both gas and charcoal options, depending on your personal preferences, and the grilling surface for these grills start at just over 250 square inches and go all the way up to over 1000 square inches. With so many options and sizes, the best thing to do is to think critically about how much you’ll grill at once so you can find a BBQ grill that fits your family and your lifestyle.

BBQing For A Crowd?

If you consider the great outdoors an extension of your home, an outdoor kitchen might be an ideal choice for your family (I don’t have one yet, but it’s in the works!). An outdoor kitchen is built in, which means it’s not portable, however it can be customised with cabinets, countertops and even sinks, creating an outdoor oasis that’s perfect for families and entertaining.

No matter what type of BBQ grill you choose, when you pick one from Napoleon Grills, you can be sure that you’re choosing the best. If you’re not sure which BBQ is right for you, click here or stop by one of our authorized retailers to learn more about our grills.