Best Barbecues: How to throw the best barbecues



Even though the summer is quickly winding to a close, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t throw a great end of the season barbecue party. If you’re interested in throwing one of the best barbecues ever that will have your friends and family talking for months, use these tips.

The Best Barbecues: Making Sure There’s Something For Everyone

Some of my friends may have some strict dietary restrictions, which means that typical barbecue food can be off limits. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t invite them! If you’re throwing a party, ask your guests whether they have any restrictions. Instead of a beefy burger, vegetarians can enjoy a grilled Portobello mushroom on a bun. Some guests may only eat gluten free foods and if this is the case, you look for gluten free barbecue sauce, as well as gluten free breads and pasta. There’s even gluten free beer for the adults! These foods could cost a little more than others, but the added expense will be well worth it to make sure your guests feel welcome at your party.

The Best Barbecues: Serve Some Drinks, But Ask Friends To Bring Some To Share

Instead of a BYOB barbecue, ask your guests to bring their favourite drink to share. This could be a six pack of a specialty beer or their favourite bottle of wine. This can create an immediate icebreaker for your guests, which is especially helpful if you have different groups of friends who don’t know each other well. However, I’m always concerned with being a good host, so I make to have a cooler full of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for my friends.

The Best Barbecues: Safety First!

Your friends are there to eat and enjoy a good time. However, nothing ruins a good party like a case of food poisoning afterwards! To help ensure that your guests won’t fall ill once they’re home, use a meat thermometer to check that your meat is cooked to the proper temperature. Also, if you have a salad with a mayonnaise base, such as potato salad, set your bowl of salad inside another bowl filled with ice. This will keep everything cool enough so that no one gets ill from mayonnaise that’s gone bad and will keep your guests from constantly running to the refrigerator to fill up their plates.

Being a considerate host is the best way to ensure that you’re throwing the best barbecues. Take care to consider your guests needs and you’ll be sure that they remember your party well into the cold winter months!