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The Amazing Rib Maker

The Amazing Rib Maker

"This week’s featured accessory is the 3 in 1 Rib and Roast Rack. Last time I went shopping at my grill retail store, I was talking about how I liked ribs and how I loved cooking them on my grill. Then an employee came up to me with a roasting rack. The first thing that came to my mind is how much space I would save by cooking ribs in this rack. So I bought it and used it. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of using a rib rack.

Benefits from using a Rib and Roast Rack

The moment you have to cook for your whole family or for a party is the time you see how small your grill can be. It’s hard to save space, especially when you have to cook ribs. By using a rib rack, I saved so much space on my grate that I can grill even more ribs next to the rack.

Not only I saved space but it speeds up the cooking process. By placing them on the rib rack you ensure a more evenly and tender batch of meat than one cooked directly on the grate. Believe me, I tried! The difference between the two methods is astonishing. For this reason I can never cook my ribs without a rib/roast rack.

Buying the right Rib and Roast Rack

There are many different types and sizes of roast rack. The one that got my attention the most is a 3 in 1 non-stick rack including a drip pan and handles built in the rack. The first thing I thought when I saw the drip pan is about how convenient it’s going to be to apply marinade or sauce on my ribs. Because we all know it’s easier to clean dirty dishes than cleaning your whole grill. However, the drip pan has other incredible ways to be used. My favorite use is as a griddle for cooking vegetables or potatoes because they cook in the meat’s juice which adds a delicious taste. Finally, the handles help you getting the ribs safely out of your grill. Be careful though; always wear cooking mitts because the rack will be hot.

Something I haven’t tried yet is to reverse the rack to cook entire meat like chicken or ham (example in picture below). I am really looking forward to trying it because I had a lot of recommendations about the delicious results.

For more information about the rib rack or all our other accessories, click here. Also our Pinterest and Instagram pages are growing pretty fast so we recommend you to follow them as well for more updates and unique content"


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