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How To Prevent Grease Fires

A Must for Everyone

Posted on July 23, 2014 & filed under Maintenance Tips
Grease fires are a rare and unexpected phenomenon and can happen to any griller, advanced or novice. But with proper maintenance of your grill, they should never happen to you. Just remember that you’re cooking with fire. Read this article to find out how to prevent and put out a grease fire.
Use Your Grill Wok To Its Maximum Potential

Use Your Grill Wok To Its Maximum Potential

Posted on March 06, 2014 & filed under Accessories

When you want to stir-fry your food but don’t have the right tool, the Grill Wok is here for you. Read this blog post for information about the grill wok.

No great grill is complete without the right tools for the job. Napoleon has a full range of grilling accessories that are perfect for your grill.
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